We offer a wide range of ink and  print styles to recreate your designs and ideas on to garments, a selection of services to elevate your brand and solutions to your merchandise needs.

Have a flick through our Print Styles and speciality inks to find the perfect fit for your brand or design.

Ink Types


A staple for most textile printers, this ink bonds to the outside fibres of the shirt a very hard wearing ink, but can be a heavy print on dark garments.

Historically known for not being a very friendly ink a lot has been done to improve this inks reputation. One of the big problems is that solvents are needed to clean the screens after use. At visibleArt we use a self contained cleaning system which prevents any chemicals entering the water system. The chemicals then only need to be changed once every 6 months.



As the name suggests a friendlier ink, these inks tend to penetrate the garments more so than plastisol and leave a softer feel when printed. 

Traditionally did not fair well on mixed fibre garments but the inks we use work just fine on 100% polyester garments. We are also proud to offer a soil association approved range of inks.



This ink is activated once it is being cured through the dryer, it removes the colour of the shirt and replaces it with the ink you are printing. Although water based it is not a very friendly ink at all but does leave a super soft finish, it does not work on every colour of t-shirt, blues, purples and greens being the most notorious and has a tendency to age quite quickly as a few washes. With the right design this ink is awesome. A little bit more expensive as we have to throw away any unused ink as it has a short shelf life.


Synthetics inks

We use these inks to print onto Nylon and polyester garments ideal for water replant and technical garments. This high opacity inks give a soft finish to windcheaters, Jackets &  gym sacks. 

Print Styles

CMYK process printing

We do all our full colour process separations in house, this process allows us to print full colour images onto white/natural T-shirts with only using four screens. Spot colour may be added to match brand specific colours.


Dis-charge & plastisol combination

So by using a clear discharge to create a soft base layer we are able to print plastisols ink on top. This gives a softer finish to the ink but keeping the vibrancy of colours in your design.


Simulated process printing

Slightly different to CMYK separations this style uses spot colours (pantone specific colours) to create the image. This work particularly well on images with a very strong specific colour palette. Works really well on black shirts and can also we used with discharge links to create an even softer finish.


Grayscale photographic

Over the years we have perfected pricing Grayscale images, these style of images are often recommended to be a single colour. This is not always the case and to get really get depth into the image we like to use a mix of greys and translucent inks to really get the image looking its best.


Split Fountain/Blends

Some printers make blends by putting two different ink colours into the screen and allowing the ink to mix as its printed this can lead to discrepancies in the blend during the run. At Visibleart we halftone our blends to allow complete control over the blend which means the print is exactly the same form the first print to the last.

Speciality Printing

Matte black 

Or Black on Black ink as its called in-house  is a super dark grey ink that works a treat on black shirts, It is up there with one of our favourites, subtle elegant and looks the bomb! available in water-based and plastisol options.

Metallic BlackMetal.JPG


Not to be confused with reflective of foil printing, this is an ink that comes in a variety of colours or mimic metallic surfaces, available in several types of Gold a Silver and  Copper.


Glow in the Dark

Not much to explain about this ink other than we all know how cool designs that glow are! Available in yellow, green and pink phosphorescent plastisol inks.



Not used often enough in my opinion. This option leaves a textured surface of finely cut synthetic fibres. In order to reduce waste and mess we print a glue and apply a heat press version of this material on to the garment leaving a soft velvety feeling print. 


Puff (expanding ink)

Puff is an additive that we can mix with any colour plastisol ink you like, when exposed to the curing process the additive makes the ink ‘puff up’ and expand.

This style of ink can be used to great effect when combined with standard printing.



This additive is not as dramatic as flock or puff but gives a much softer finish to the palstisol inks.



Similar to Flock in its application a glue if printed first and foil is applied using a heat press to give a reflective/mirror like print. 

Available in Gold, Silver, Holographic patterns and Metallic Red.



This ink contain tiny glass balls that reflect a direct light source, like the materials on high visibility garments. A great product to add to your cycling or running brand.  


High build

Normally super expensive due to the specialist materials needed to produce the print, This style of print looks like its 3D with sharp angular corners. We offer a vinyl cut version that is far more cost effective and if heat pressed onto your garments.


High gloss gel

This ink leaves a thick Gel like finish. It can be added as a finish to any plastisol print.



Where to start! there are lots of different options for this service, but essentially the existing brand label is removed and your bespoke branded label is reattached in a style of your choice. We don’t produce them onsite but have a trusted selection of companies that we can source them from unless you already have your own.  


Folding & bagging

If you want to keep your printed garment super fresh, this is the option for you. we fold and bag your garment into biodegradable polybags. There is also a sticking option for fulfilment ordering or if you just have stickers you would like to add.


Swing tagging

The final touch of class! let us know what you are after and we can find it and apply it for you. 


Fullfillment ordering

In some cases your time is precious and its best to concentrate on marketing and your next product. This service is for you, simply place the bulk order for your latest range with us and we will ship to a highly recommended order fulfilment company that we work with. So all you need to do is integrate your shop into their system. 


Plastisol transfers

We use this technique to print our own transfers in house, They are perfect for printing onto Caps, padded jackets and Sweatshirts inside necks. We can print in multiple colours depending on the design and can mix any colour you could possible wish for!


Vinyl transfers

Perfect for adding those name bars or even just a simple one off slogan t-shirt. Available in a range of colours


Nape printing

Elevate your Brand to the next level, there are two options in this service if you are using fashion based garments that only have a size label inside the nape area then we will simply print your logo or what ever your heart desires.

If they are branded garment we would remove the label and print your logo,washing instructions, garment material content and sizing.



We offer a range of design skills to help you realise your vision. Whether you just need your image vectorising into a smart graphics or designing your whole merchandise range. Our team have the skills to actualise your ideas and we love doing it! which helps! One of the things that set us apart is our knowledge of printing we know how to get the most out of a design.

We have the inside track on sneaky ways of getting maximum impact, but cost effective as well as there is little point designing something that looks good on screen but turns out is too expensive to reproduce onto a garment. 



Embroidery is a great addition to any fashion garment we are happy to offer a full embroidery service for our customers. Ideal for workwear polos and soft-shell jackets embroidery offers a long lasting professional finish.

Available in a range of colours, contact us for more information.


DTG (Direct to Garment)

Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG printing is a process of printing (directly) onto garments using specialised inkjet technology. Essentially, DTG is a massive desktop printer that fits t-shirts. 

Due to the minimal set up of DTG we can print low numbers (even one-off shirts) with radical high colour images. This is ideal for brands and designers looking to test the water with small print runs, or to exploit the high colour and resolution DTG printing can offer. Also it’s the perfect process for one-off event shirts or even stag and hen dos.