Our Team

Who are we?

It’s the people that make the business, come and find out a bit more about the folks printing your stuff! A real mix of folks and we would not have it any other way!


Rob Trigg


Rob started Visible Art way back in 2003. Having spent 30 years in the industry working for others he decided to give it a go himself! A founding member of the PrintHaus, Rob’s philosophy of knowledge-sharing has taken Visible Art in new and exciting directions. Outside of the studio, Rob’s a family man and can usually be found on the school run!

Tom Whitehead


Following a degree from Cardiff Met in Graphic Communication, Visible Art took Tom under its wing, and taught him everything he knows! He’s the longest serving team member, and as well as being another Printhaus partner, Tom runs a small streetwear brand called Ed&Flo

Sam Evans


A graduate of 3D Design from Falmouth University, Sam was our production manger but has moved to a part-time role to fulfil his love of sign writing, when not in work can be found in his shed honing his skills or up a ladder applying those skills at Tiger Bay Signs


Ben Radford


If you e-mail or call Visible Art, chances are you’ll be chatting to Ben. When he’s not busy processing orders, he goes under the pseudonym ‘Bun Radford’, producer of instrumental hip hop beats. A keen typologist and founder of the creative design team, Ben&Breakfast, how he finds time for adventures on his beloved bike is beyond us! 

Joanne Tse


Jo creates all our visuals and ensures our filmwork’s ready for print. She loves drawing – especially portraiture art – and in her spare time is a keen screen-printer. Influenced by art nouveau, Japanism and 18th century art, Jo’s lifelong dream is to create screen-printed silk scarves for a living – check out her work!

Ben Rouse


Drummer, Sound Engineer, coffee/cigarette enthusiast, and all-round good guy, Ben’s the latest edition to our printing team. After studying Languages and Translation at Cardiff Uni, he decided to sack it off and learn to print! We’re glad he did. Outside of work, he loves penguins, jungle beats, and making tunes!  


Gwion Christmas


Gwion joined us from the Printhaus when Kristian selfishly became unable to work for a few months! He’s a good egg so we asked him to stay, describing himself as 26 and a half and an electronic tinkerer, instrument and effect pedal builder (which he screen prints BTW!) 

If that’s not enough he’s an illustrator/designer on occasion as well! check him out @holyislandaudio

Robbie Hilton


Older than he cares to mention, Robbie still loves a good gig! After cutting his teeth out in America, Robbie joined Visible Art and is now one of our longest serving team members! A hand-printing guru, he specialises in technical printing and synthetic inks. He loves running (away from work!) and listening to podcasts. 

Kristian Bevan


Little is known of the enigma that is Kristian Bevan. A silent slogger – working his magic in pre-and-post-production – his specialist skill in screen reclamation and preparing, keeps the cogs of Visible Art turning! We do know he likes pizza and computer games – other than that he keeps us in the dark… 


Kim Appleby


The latest member of the team, Kim is the most qualified of the gang with a MA in Graphic communication. Applying these skill to the risograph duplicator you can check out her skills at..

www.wildmidnight.co.uk  @the_wild_midnight  

Described as a  Beach Goth, Kim can be often found in dungarees or pyjamas with bedazzled converse trainers! It is a look!

Jamie Cezar


Meet Jamie! well you will have to if you want to know what he looks like!

Jamie was forced to go into the witness protection program for his undercover work to bring down a badge fraud ring in the cub scouts. For obvious reasons we are unable to have his image displayed on our site. So here is Jamie and his magic torch my favourite kids cartoon!